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Sachse Economic
Development Corporation

3815 Sachse Rd., Building B
Sachse, Texas 75048
Ph: 469.429.4764
Comprehensive Plan




What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A comprehensive plan is a long-range policy statement intended to direct the growth and development of a community for an extended period of time. Comprehensive planning is a critical function of our city's government, and it relies heavily upon the input and engagement of our diverse community of citizens, stakeholders, and all of our municipal departments. The yearlong effort is the process by which our community assesses what it has, what it wants, and how to implement and achieve that vision.

With the City of Sachse 2017 Comprehensive Plan, the dialogue for how Sachse will change through the years formally commences, and a shared vision for the futures has been forged.

Progress Report 

  • Architecture (complete)
  • Junked Vehicles (complete)
  • Trash & Grass (complete)
  • Fences (complete)
  • Development Parking regulations (complete)
  • 2015 IBC/IFC (in progress)
  • Use Chart (pending)
  • Development Landscaping (pending)
  • Sign Code (pending)
  • Platting Processes (pending)
  • Neighborhood Parking regulations (pending)
  • Screening (pending)
  • Lighting (pending)

Programs and Initiatives:
  • PGBT Zoning Code (in progress)
  • Old Town Zoning Code (in progress)
  • Ch. 377 Municipal Development District (in progress)
  • Storm Water Management Program (complete)
  • Impact Fee Study (pending)
  • Substandard Structures (pending)
  • Single Family Rental Registration & Inspections (pending)
  • Zoning Notification Program (pending)
  • Façade Enhancement Program (pending)
  • Neighborhood Partnership Program (pending)
  • Bulk Trash service revisions (pending)
  • Garage Sale policy revisions (pending

  • Sachse Road / 5th Street reconstruction (in progress)
  • PGBT Water Tower (in progress)
  • SEQ Lift Station & Sewer (in progress)
  • PGBT Sewer & Water (in progress)
  • Community Center (in progress)
  • Merritt Road & Woodbridge Parkway Realignment (in progress)
  • Maxwell Creek Road (in progress)
  • Old Ben Davis (pending)
  • Sable Hills infrastructure (in progress)
  • SH 78 Beautification Projects (pending)
  • Merritt Road Widening (pending)
  • Ingram Road Phase I (pending)
  • Bryan Street (pending)
  • Park & Trail projects (pending)
  • Other Collectors & Arterials (pending)