William Sachse, who came to America from Herford, Prussia in 1840, was the founder of Sachse. At the age of 25, he arrived in Texas in 1845, securing 640 acres in Collin County. He later acquired an additional 5,000 acres. Sachse erected one of the first cotton mills and gins in the county. Ox and horsepower operated the gin until 1869, when a fire destroyed the gin and the animals were replaced with a steam-run plant.

In 1886, William Sachse gave 100 feet of right-of-way frontage through all of his holdings to the railroad. In exchange, the railroad built a depot and named the town Sachse. When the railroad built the depot, signs at both ends of the building read “Saxie”. The mistake was later corrected reflecting the proper spelling, but as a result of the error, numerous legal documents during that time designated the town as “Saxie”.


Incorporated in 1956, the City of Sachse adopted its Home Rule Charter in 1986 and operates under a Council-Manager form of government.

William Sachse
William Sachse, the founder of Sachse, came to the United States in 1840. At the age of 25, he secured 640 acres in Collin County and put into motion the events that would create modern day Sachse.